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“We are on a ship, pun intended.” - Dylan O’Brien

What are you doing to me Dylan????? And Tyler???? You aren’t helping AT ALL! JFC! This cast! They will be the death of me.

Do they have a real life shipname? Tydy? Dyler? I think I like Tydy. ROFLMAO

I call them hobrien. And a bunch of other people does too. But i guess you can call them whatever you like ^^

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"La NASA descubrió que desde el sol se te ve la cara de maraca"

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teen wolf meme - six ships (1/6)

derek hale x stiles stilinski

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AU: Scott is trying to get Stiles to help him ask out the new kid at school Isaac Lahey. Turns out he didn’t even need the extra help.

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AU in which Derek is fabulous at being forward.

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